Most of our rescues come to us with out of date shots, bad teeth and still intact. Working with a local veterinarian that provides services for our rescues at a discounted rate, we spend on average $225 per Pomeranian for basic medical care (check-up, updating all shots, dental cleaning and exam, tooth extraction, and spay/neuter when applicable).  This does not include expanded medical needs or other expenses such as food, transport, grooming, etc…

If you would like to help our rescue mission, but are not able to adopt one of our Pomeranian’s, there are many other ways you can help.  Click on one of the choices below for more details:

PCCV Amazon Wish List – Our foster families provide all supplies for the rescues in their care out of their own pockets.  Anytime we can offer them a little help is greatly appreciated.  Any items purchased from this list go directly to current foster families.

Smile.Amazon.com – Set PCCV as your designated charity and every time you shop on Amazon, %.5 of your total purchase price will be donated.

Adopt-A-Shelter Rewards Program Shop online with 100’s or retailers using the (How It Works).

Donate gift cards – Received a gift card you won’t use? You can donate it and receive a tax deduction. We use them for supplies and fundraisers.

PomAngels – PomAngels are a special group of supporters that allow us to spend less time fundraising and more time caring for our beloved Poms.

PayPal Donations – PayPal donations are used for veterinary and other medical expenses only unless otherwise designated.  All donations whether $5 or $50 are appreciated!

Here is a sample list of what your donation can provide:

$5–10.00 donation
provides one of the following:

  • Gallon white vinegar or 2 jugs of bleach
  • Teeth cleaning gel or water additive
  • Bottle of Earthbath Shampoo (Oatmeal/Aloe or Lavender)
  • Fecal screening
  • Basic grooming supplies (brush, pair of scissors)
  • 1 month of Heartgard

 $10–20.00 donation
provides one of the following:

  • Bordatella or Rabies vaccine
  • Antibiotics or pain meds for post dental/surgeries
  • 1 small bag of dog food
  • 12 pk of wet food
  • Crate pad
  • 2-4 reusable pee pads
  • OTC medications (cough suppressant, Neosporin, hydrocortisone)

$20–30.00 donation
provides one of the following:

  • Baby gate
  • Dog bed
  • 1 large bag of dog food
  • Vitamins, supplements
  • Heartworm screening
  • Distemper combo vaccine
  • Box of Heartgard (6 doses)

$30- 75.00 donation
provides one of the following:

  • Prescription medication
  • Neuter/Spay
  • Wire crate, Iris Pen or Pac-n-Play

$100.00 & up donation
provides one of the following:

  • Teeth cleaning & extractions
  • Heartworm treatment
  • Portion of other surgical needs (patella surgery, bladder stones)