The rescue program is 100% funded by donations, fundraisers, and volunteers.  Our volunteers rescue Pomeranians from many different situations including neglect, abandonment, strays picked up by animal shelters, puppy mills, and owner surrenders usually due to financial or health reasons.

Most of our rescued Poms come from the Central/Southern Virginia region, though we have also received Poms from the DC metro area, Maryland and all over Northern Virginia.

Many of our rescued dogs are victims of neglect and need rehabilitation to get them to an adoptable state. We provide them with a thorough medical exam and provide all necessary treatment, including surgery, medication, and special diets. They are spayed/neutered and undergo dental cleanings and extractions to treat painful dental disease and prevent serious health problems before placement.

All applicants are screened to ensure the right dog is being considered for the right home. All our Poms are in loving foster homes and are being treated as members of the family while they are searching for their “forever” home. The foster parents will be able to accurately discuss the habits and behaviors to potential adopters to minimize any surprises.

Once an adoption is finalized, we continue to work with adopters who need advice and support to make sure that the adoption is successful. We are always available by phone or in person to address any problems that may arise in the new home.

We allow a 30 day honeymoon period where if during that time, you decide that the Pomeranian you have adopted is not a right fit for your family, we will offer a full refund of the adoption fee.  After that time, our contract states we will always take back one of our Poms, but we do not offer refunds.

Please see News section or our or Facebook page for available rescues.