Q. I’m thinking about getting a Pomeranian, what are some good resources to learn more about the breed?

A. There are many resources out there to acquaint yourself with the breed.  You can reach out to breeders and owners to talk to and the below websites are full of useful information.


Q. I want to buy a puppy, how do I find a good breeder?

A. The AKC maintains a website for finding a pet.  However, if you want to get started in conformation, you will need to do your research and reach out to show breeders to inquire about purchasing a prospect.

Q. I’m looking for a teacup Pomeranian?  Where can I find one?

A. No where.  There is no such thing as a teacup, toy, miniature, etc… Pomeranian.  Read this article on Pomeranian.org for more information.

Q. I’m looking to breed my Pomeranian.  How do I find a stud/bitch?

A. You don’t.  Unless you are serious about starting a quality breeding program, you do not want to breed your pet.  Pomeranian’s are very difficult whelpers and are notorious for 3:00 am emergency visits to the vet for C-sections that range in cost from $1,500 – 3,000.  Pups often get stuck in the birth canal and die before they can be retrieved, especially by an inexperienced “breeder”.  Typical litters are 2-4, but singletons are common.  Then there is the expense of vaccinations, worming, vet checkups, etc… and your pup may still die from hypoglycemia in the first couple of weeks.

Q. I’m looking for a Pom to breed to my Husky so I can have a Pomsky.

A. No, what you are wanting is a mutt and no reputable breeder/owner would even consider this proposal.

Q. Where do I look to find a breeder?

A. Check the APC Breeder Directory.  You can also contact us and we can refer you to someone in Virginia/Maryland.