The Pomeranian Handbook: A Complete Guide to The Cutest Canine in The Cosmos



The Pomeranian Handbook:

A Complete Guide to The Cutest Canine in The Cosmos

Bailey is asking Santa for new beds for Xmas from his Amazon Wish List

People forget about me because I don’t look like my foster siblings.
I’m old, my fur has thinned so much you can see my skin, I fall down a lot, I spend most of my time curled in a ball asleep, it takes me a long time to eat because I was born missing most of my bottom jaw, and I hate being groomed more than anyone my mommy has ever met.
I’m also the stinkiest Pom you have ever met! I may only be 6 pounds, but I can clear a room and need lots of baths. Part of the reason I’m so stinky is because I spend most of the time “stewing” in my snuggly bed on my heating pad.

My bed has to be washed a lot so they don’t last as long as most beds. I also need two beds so I always have somewhere to curl up! My beds have to soak in the washer with vinegar and baking soda for a couple hours before they are run through the wash to get the stinky out.

Bailey picked out a couple of machine washable cave beds to see him through the cold months ahead! They are on the Amazon Wish List.

Dogs can detect sadness

I know mine pick up on mommies moods, sometimes before mommy does!

Donate Supplies and Amazon Donates Money

Click here to donate supplies from our Amazon Charity List using Amazon Smile!

Amazon gives us cash back of every purchase you make when using Amazon Smile!



Auction has started! Ends December 3


Over 150 items up for auction this week!  We scattered start/end times to meet more people’s schedules. 

The Pomeranian Club of Central Virginia (PCCV) is a small, 501(c)(3), nonprofit based in Richmond that serves Virginia and the surrounding states. Our funding is 100% donation based and primarily provides care for our seniors and special needs rescues.,-Inc./2472545


Out collecting for the fundraiser

Olivia was out and about today! First she voted, then she picked up a donated item for the fundraiser!

Copperhead Season is Here

A friendly reminder and warning for those of you with kids and dogs. It is September and the start of football season, it is also the time of year when copperheads are born.

The baby snakes are born with venom and ready to defend themselves. The momma snake generally gives birth to about 8 – 10 of these critters, so if you find one there are others around. The babies will keep those greenish/yellow tips on their tails for about a year. These snakes are not generally aggressive but will bite if you are unfortunate enough to touch or step on one. Do not reach under bushes, around rocks, or even flower pots without looking first. They like damp places so beware, even under children’s toys and dog dishes!

Need for can covers and treats! Cleaning supplies always needed.

One of our foster moms has requested some can covers and grain free treats that all of our rescues seem to love and tolerate well no matter how sensitive their tummies! Rescues are just like kids, you find something that works and stick with it!

We have added the items to our Amazon Wish List! We still have 8 of the Poms rescued in May avail and we also have a Miniature Pinscher.

Click here for our wish list!


Full House(s) of Rescues

We have a full house! Or should I say “houses”! 6 foster homes have been involved with this “puppy mill” rescue. Favors have been called in! 3 girls have been adopted but we still have 1 girl and 6 BOYS looking for homes!

Everyone has needed vet care, dentals, neuters and spays. They are mostly seniors so the adoption fees will not cover all the vet bills.

If you can, please consider making a donation to help with their care using the “Donate Now” button on our Home page.