Donate Supplies and Amazon Donates Money

Click here to donate supplies from our Amazon Charity List using Amazon Smile! Amazon gives us cash back of every purchase you make when using Amazon Smile!  

Auction has started! Ends December 3

Over 150 items up for auction this week!  We scattered start/end times to meet more people’s schedules.  The Pomeranian Club of Central Virginia (PCCV) is a small, 501(c)(3), nonprofit based in Richmond that serves Virginia and the surrounding states. Our funding is 100% donation based and primarily provides care for our seniors and special needs … Continue reading Auction has started! Ends December 3

Out collecting for the fundraiser

Olivia was out and about today! First she voted, then she picked up a donated item for the fundraiser!

Stay tuned for our raffle info

January's annual raffle is gearing up to be our best ever! Vendors from all over the country are donating goods and trinkets to make this fundraiser amazing! Please stay tuned as I will be updating our website with links to our sponsors Etsy stores and fully expect you to offer your business in exchange for … Continue reading Stay tuned for our raffle info

Copperhead Season is Here

A friendly reminder and warning for those of you with kids and dogs. It is September and the start of football season, it is also the time of year when copperheads are born. The baby snakes are born with venom and ready to defend themselves. The momma snake generally gives birth to about 8 - … Continue reading Copperhead Season is Here

Dog sitting drama!

Need for can covers and treats! Cleaning supplies always needed.

One of our foster moms has requested some can covers and grain free treats that all of our rescues seem to love and tolerate well no matter how sensitive their tummies! Rescues are just like kids, you find something that works and stick with it! We have added the items to our Amazon Wish List! … Continue reading Need for can covers and treats! Cleaning supplies always needed.