Willie’s Diet – Our Obese Rescue Pomeranian

Clockwise from top;
Sweet Potato, Mixed Frozen Veggies, Oatmeal, Natural Choice Lite,
Merrick Senior Medley, Fat Free Yogurt.  Center:  Carrots for snack.
There have been a few inquiries about what we are feeding Willie to help him shed a few pounds.  He seems to be doing well with the change in diet and has adjusted without any stomach upset.  

He has gone from 14.5 to 14 in 2 weeks.  I had hoped to be a few more ounces along, but Mother Nature threw a wrench in those plans with this winter in ?March weather.  Only managed to get 3 walks in.

He is still VERY food motivated and a little piggy!  But his meals are twice as large as he was receiving using only dry kibble (he was getting 1/4 cup twice a day), so he is getting fuller and not so much a piggy.  

He actually walked by our dogs bowl without diving in after I forgot to pick it up.  I was shocked!  The first day he was here he ate all 3 of our dogs dinner before I realized it.  And that was after he had eaten his!

Please comment below with any diet tips, tricks, questions you may have regarding feeding overweight or obese dogs.

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Keep reading for detailed diet recipe

Willie’s meals & snacks

• 1 Tbsp Fat Free Yogurt, plain
• 1 Tbsp Oatmeal
• 1 Tbsp Frozen / Fresh Vegetables, carrots, peas, green beans, broccoli, little amount of corn
• 1 Tbsp Sweet Potatoes
• 1/2 can High protein, low calorie food, currently Merrick Grain Free Senior Medley
• 1/8 cup High quality dry food, about 10-12 kernels for crunch. currently Nutro Natural Choice – Lite – Lamb & Whole Brown Rice
• 3-5 Fresh Carrots, Snacks – # varies depending on carrot size/width, other snacks given
• 3-5 Green Beans, Snacks -# varies based on size, other snacks given
When all ingredients are mixed together it makes 1/2 cup.

Willie is fed this twice a day in addition to receiving plenty of carrots and green beans as treats.

Each meal has the wet and dry food as a base.  The other ingredients can be increased, decreased, left out as desired as long as meal totals 1/2 cup.  I occasionally mix in a couple slices of banana or some chopped red apple.

He also gets 2 – 5 calorie mini bones cookies at bedtime (these are what his mom gave him, so we won’t take these away, we just cut him from 3 to 2).

He seems to enjoy the moister diet. His water consumption has decreased to a normal level.

I either make up a breakfast bowl for him and place in the fridge for the next day while I’m making his dinner, or

Mix up a few days worth in Tupperware and measure out approx 1/2 cup at mealtimes (adding the dry kernels to the top).

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ADOPTED!!!! Available Rescue – Topper

Topper is a very sweet 10 year old boy. 

Don’t let his age fool you!  He is super sweet and can spend hours on his back letting you rub his tummy!  He has years of love left to give and would love a nice lap to spend it in.

He is crate trained and gets along with other dogs.
Check out his videos on YouTube: 
Click here to send an email or send a message to Margaret McKee of Goochland on FB to contact his foster mom directly, or message us here or on our PCCV Facebook Page the phone number.

Available Rescue – Sophie, a very special senior girl

Sophie is an absolute joy to have around.  She rolls right over when daddy comes near her demanding a belly rub!  She absolutely LOVES car rides and cruising Stony Point Fashion Park Mall.  She goes absolutely bonkers when she sees the harness come out.  No collars for this girl, at 8 years old she has some problems with a collapsed trachea.  
She gets along fine with our dogs and sleeps at the foot of the bed with them.  Although, I sometimes wake to find her on top of my head.  Though she would much rather be an only child and treated like the Princess she is.
Big dogs are a bit of a no-no with this little one.  A German Shepherd stepped on her foot and broke it when she was a puppy so it’s understandable.  We have taken her out around big dogs and she keeps her distance.  Kids under the age of 10 are also not for her.  She doesn’t like to touched by kids and will snap at them.
She will need to be fed a high quality food and occasionally some olive oil to keep her from getting very bad dandruff.  She has a large 3 inch swath of hair that extends from her neck to her rear where the hair growth is stunted at about 1/4 inch.  This could be caused by skin damage from razor burn if she was shaved to close to the skin during a grooming or it could be a sign of Black Skin Disease (BSD).  Her owner said it had been that way for about 7 months.
Sophie is a bit of a nervous dog.  When  she came to us she was on Prozac, but we have weaned her off.  She will need a relaxed, quiet child free home. She would do best with a quiet couple that spends a lot of time with her.  She is an EXCELLENT traveler.  We took her on a 30 hour round trip drive to upper Maine for Thanksgiving and she was perfectly content.  Her potty training is impeccable!  My dream home for her would be an older couple of snowbirds that cruise around in their RV.

Sophie’s adoption fee is $250.

Click here to send email

Click here to download an Application for Adoption


*ADOPTED* DOLLAR – Our sweet rescue boy looking for a family. Likes kids, cats,dogs, people….

To see more pictures of me, visit the
Pomeranian Club of Central Virginia Facebook page

 To submit an application to adopt Dollar, 

I can’t say enough about how sweet and loving he is!  He is super gentle even when taking treats from your hand.  I think he is the quietest, most outgoing and gentle Pom I have ever had in my home, even more than my own dogs.  He would make an excellent therapy dog.
Dollar is estimated to be about 5 years old. He is in excellent health and our vet thought he was half that age. He is on the large side, at 13 pounds, but has a beautiful red coat and a “foxy” face. He came to us with a version of a lion cut, but it is growing out, so don’t hold that against him.
We picked him up on September 9 as an owner surrender and he’s been in our home since.  The family he came from decided that the kids were older and they no longer wanted a dog. 
He is definitely a people person. When I let all the dogs out for a potty break (3 Poms and a MinPin/Chi), when they come back in, everyone tears right past me, except Dollar.  Dollar always stops, stands up and says “Hi” before he follows the others.
When we took him to the farmers market he had to say hi to every dog and half the people he saw.  If someone was sitting down, he stood up and nuzzled them to get pats.

Our home is not extremely active. He has been content playing fetch with in the house, but for the long term, I think he needs more activity. I think he would do very well with a family with kids to play with or a couple that likes take walks. I think he’d be okay with every other day walks/exercise and on the off days a little indoor playtime should be ample for his exercise needs.
He will give kisses, but you have to ask and he only gives one or two.  He shows affection by leaning in to you or nestling his head almost under you then sinking down for a snuggle.  He does not lick very much (which my husband and I consider a plus). 
He is also very quiet. He barks briefly when we come home or when the doorbell rings (and of course when the mailman drops the mail in the box). We live on a busy street and he doesn’t bark at the outside world.
We are gone to work for about 9.5 hours and have left him lose in the house with our 3 dogs. He has not had a problem holding it most of the time. We do keep a washable puppy pad out for emergencies.
He has been neutered, had a dental (no missing teeth, they are gorgeous!), a checkup (he is heartworm negative) and all his shots updated.  His adoption fee is $250.00