Who gets rescued and why?

Before you pass judgement on a rescue that you perceive as “picking and choosing” only to take “cute & quickly adoptable” dogs, please read the following and reconsider your judgments.

This actually gave me chest pains my heart hurt so bad!

Donations Needed!

Yikes! Here's today's vet bill! I'm afraid we are going to have to curtail our rescue activities until we can pay this off. We still have 2 more dogs from the Madison Heights 9 to get neutered and have a dental. Check out our shop on our Facebook page for Pomeranian and Rescue themed jewelry! … Continue reading Donations Needed!

Fostering – An Essay from a Foster Mom

I'll be the first to admit that fostering is hard. In my experience, the first is super hard because you're just figuring out how to love another being, but still let them go. That was Frisco, now Cody. Then I had Mickey. He was a little fussy and dad babysat most of the time i … Continue reading Fostering – An Essay from a Foster Mom

Fosters Needed in the RVA Area

If you are in the Richmond, VA area and interested in being a foster parent for a Pom in need, please email Krystyna Lineberry using our gmail account, PCCV.Inc or message on Facebook. We are receiving a total of 13 Poms this coming week and are in need of caring homes for them while they … Continue reading Fosters Needed in the RVA Area

Adoption Applications

With 9 Poms coming into rescue ranging in age from 12 years down to puppy, we are going to be super busy! Even though we don't have all the details yet, Poms will be adopted on a first come first serve basis based on compatibility with an appropriate family.  So if you have been considering … Continue reading Adoption Applications

Incoming!! Amazon Wish List

We have 9 Poms coming into rescue!   All are coming as a result of an elderly couple being separated by the death of one partner and the surviving partner not being able to care for them and being moved into a care facility. We are very small and usually do not take more than 2 … Continue reading Incoming!! Amazon Wish List