Understanding Double Coated Dogs

Should I shave my Pomeranian?

This actually gave me chest pains my heart hurt so bad!

Pet Feeding Reminder Gadgets

Interesting little gadgets...     Dog Food Reminder on Amazon Pet Feeding Reminder on Amazon

Donations Needed!

Yikes! Here's today's vet bill! I'm afraid we are going to have to curtail our rescue activities until we can pay this off. We still have 2 more dogs from the Madison Heights 9 to get neutered and have a dental. Check out our shop on our Facebook page for Pomeranian and Rescue themed jewelry! … Continue reading Donations Needed!

Too Hot to Leave Me in the Car

Tips for Removing Mats for Newbies

Poms are notorious for getting mats under their arms and legs and behind their ears.  Sometimes it seems like they appear overnight and are the size of marbles before we know what hits us! If you have looked online at all you have probably not just read, but been screamed at to not shave your … Continue reading Tips for Removing Mats for Newbies

PetPom’s GIANT Book of Pomeranian Care

via Pomeranian Book | The Incredible PetPom Book - Now in Print The PetPom Book has been re-written and improved and is now PetPom's GIANT Book of Pomeranian Care. This 372-page, comprehensive book is the most helpful, detailed Pomeranian book that exists. Available in print (via Amazon) here: PetPom's GIANT Book of Pomeranian Care - Paperback $16.99 8.5x11" 372 … Continue reading PetPom’s GIANT Book of Pomeranian Care