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Losing a loved one, either human or animal, is one of the hardest experiences you’ll face in life. To help keep the memories alive many of us like to have a
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Dog Run Upgrade Project

Almost five years ago we set up our dog run.  We sectioned off a part of the yard next to the deck and filled it with mulch.  This solution worked well, but it does take a bit of upkeep.  Upkeep is even more challenging when you must buy mulch by the bag instead of a truckload.  When you add over 200+ days of rain last year, it leads to chaos!

The dog run has been overtaken by weeds!  We decided to re-do the dog run and to re-do it better than we did 5 years ago.  We are fast tracking this project because Cody has decided it’s better to go in the house and with him taking Lasix for heart failure, he goes a lot!  They are also too prissy to get their precious paws wet to go outside when it’s at all wet.

A portion of the funds raised during my birthday fundraiser will be used for some of the materials.  Some of the materials we already purchased and some are listed on a separate Amazon Shopping List titled “Dog Run/Yard Project”.

  1. Mow and hose down with vegetation kill. I decided to also use a granular weed kill after the liquid for longer lasting results.
  2. Add heavy duty landscaping fabric and artificial turf to the area (28 ft x 15ft). Secure with yard staples.
  3. Install shade/rain cover waterproof sails. Position patio umbrellas to shield path from doggie door to ramp. (we have a couple of umbrellas in various conditions.  We are going to try and resurrect a couple).
  4. Cut space in deck railing closer to doggie door for ramp. (We got a great deal on a stainless steel ramp on Black Friday). Install ramp.
  5. Install x-pen across deck to divert everyone down the ramp.
  6. Fill in around the edges with mulch.
  7. Place garden statue of some kind to give the boys something to aim at.

Hopefully this setup will last for a number of years and be easier to maintain than the mulch alone.

If you have any of these items hanging around your shed or garage, we’d be happy to take them off your hands!

  • Landscaping Fabric
  • Artificial Turf
  • Yard Staples
  • Shade/Rain Sail Covers
  • Patio Umbrella, Stands, or Weights

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The Pomeranian Handbook: A Complete Guide to The Cutest Canine in The Cosmos



The Pomeranian Handbook:

A Complete Guide to The Cutest Canine in The Cosmos

An Avoidable Tragedy – RIP Mocha

An innocent life was tragically cut short today. Another life will most likely be ended as a result.

An innocent life was taken as his mom tried in vain to use her own body to shield him from the attack taking place. Unfortunately, her body was no match for the 150 pound attacker that had prey in its sights. Mocha’s mom is an experienced owner who did everything right and still could not prevent this tragedy.

Please, if you take your dogs out in public, always keep them leashed and make sure you are in control of the leash at all times! This goes for big and little dogs alike. Keep a firm latch on the leash not only to control your dogs behavior, but also to be able to snatch your dog out of harms way in the blink of an eye. If you have a big, strong dog and you are going to be someplace unfamiliar or stressful, take extra precautions. Use a no-pull harness, double tether, or even just using a carabiner with a double handle leash and attach one handle to a belt ring on your pants as back up. Please take that extra precaution to avoid tragedies like this. Also, if you are using a retractable leash on any animal larger than a hamster, STOP! No one has enough control over this type of leash to be able to prevent accidents in a split second!

Don’t be the “not my dog” owner that believes their dog will not attack out of no where because they never have before. Or the “not my dog” owner that thinks because their dog is little, cute, and doesn’t leave their side that these guidelines don’t apply to them. This is especially important when you are with your dog in unfamiliar surroundings or someplace that is noisy and “scary” for our four footed friends.

As small dog owners, we are just as accountable to safe guarding and keeping control of our Poms as our friends who have large dogs. All of us in the dog community need to participate in preventing events like this that can be avoided.