Super Adorable Plush Poms

I am just in love with these stuffed Poms from Japan.  They are too adorable!  They come in a wide range of colors and patterns that Pom lovers don't usually see in merchandise. Some of them have smiles, some frowns, there's even a few with little pink tongues sticking out! The holidays are right around … Continue reading Super Adorable Plush Poms

Doggy Supplement Guide

Available Rescue – Cody

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE APPLYING TO ADOPT CODY If you are looking for a serious lap dog & complete cuddle bug look no further! Cody is 8 years old, 9 pounds and addicted to love! He is a gorgeous, rare, red Pomeranian and his fur is silky soft (more like hair). He came to us … Continue reading Available Rescue – Cody

Kroger Community Rewards

We are now part of Kroger Community Rewards! Enroll to have part of every purchase you make donated to our rescues!

Looks Like Heaven to Me

Copperhead Season is Here

A friendly reminder and warning for those of you with kids and dogs. It is September and the start of football season, it is also the time of year when copperheads are born. The baby snakes are born with venom and ready to defend themselves. The momma snake generally gives birth to about 8 - … Continue reading Copperhead Season is Here

Who gets rescued and why?

Before you pass judgement on a rescue that you perceive as “picking and choosing” only to take “cute & quickly adoptable” dogs, please read the following and reconsider your judgments.