Giving Season at Meta

You can help raise money for causes and organizations you care about during Meta’s Giving Season.

Giving Season is a 6 week period where Meta may match eligible donations to eligible nonprofits on Facebook. Meta will match up to $7 million of eligible donations.

If you sign up to be a monthly donor to an eligible nonprofit on Facebook during Giving Season, then Meta may match a donation after the second donation made on that recurring agreement.

Battle of Patience Against the Loudest Pomeranian | It’s Me or the Dog

Peanut has always barked to get what he wants and it’s always worked! When dog training expert Victoria Stilwell tries to teach him another technique she is met with fierce opposition… and very damaged ear drums.

It’s Me or the Dog USA: Season 1, Episode 13 ‘No Small Problem’

Woman cries with laughter after groomer gives her dog a ‘monstrosity haircut’ – Mirror Online

A woman has taken to Reddit to share how she hasn’t been able to stop laughing after a groomer gave her dog a ‘monstrosity haircut’ – she was laughing so hard she started to cry
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