An Avoidable Tragedy – RIP Mocha

An innocent life was tragically cut short today. Another life will most likely be ended as a result.

An innocent life was taken as his mom tried in vain to use her own body to shield him from the attack taking place. Unfortunately, her body was no match for the 150 pound attacker that had prey in its sights. Mocha’s mom is an experienced owner who did everything right and still could not prevent this tragedy.

Please, if you take your dogs out in public, always keep them leashed and make sure you are in control of the leash at all times! This goes for big and little dogs alike. Keep a firm latch on the leash not only to control your dogs behavior, but also to be able to snatch your dog out of harms way in the blink of an eye. If you have a big, strong dog and you are going to be someplace unfamiliar or stressful, take extra precautions. Use a no-pull harness, double tether, or even just using a carabiner with a double handle leash and attach one handle to a belt ring on your pants as back up. Please take that extra precaution to avoid tragedies like this. Also, if you are using a retractable leash on any animal larger than a hamster, STOP! No one has enough control over this type of leash to be able to prevent accidents in a split second!

Don’t be the “not my dog” owner that believes their dog will not attack out of no where because they never have before. Or the “not my dog” owner that thinks because their dog is little, cute, and doesn’t leave their side that these guidelines don’t apply to them. This is especially important when you are with your dog in unfamiliar surroundings or someplace that is noisy and “scary” for our four footed friends.

As small dog owners, we are just as accountable to safe guarding and keeping control of our Poms as our friends who have large dogs. All of us in the dog community need to participate in preventing events like this that can be avoided.

Spectrum of Dog Sociability

Happy New Year

Happy Holidays!

Bailey is asking Santa for new beds for Xmas from his Amazon Wish List

People forget about me because I don’t look like my foster siblings.
I’m old, my fur has thinned so much you can see my skin, I fall down a lot, I spend most of my time curled in a ball asleep, it takes me a long time to eat because I was born missing most of my bottom jaw, and I hate being groomed more than anyone my mommy has ever met.
I’m also the stinkiest Pom you have ever met! I may only be 6 pounds, but I can clear a room and need lots of baths. Part of the reason I’m so stinky is because I spend most of the time “stewing” in my snuggly bed on my heating pad.

My bed has to be washed a lot so they don’t last as long as most beds. I also need two beds so I always have somewhere to curl up! My beds have to soak in the washer with vinegar and baking soda for a couple hours before they are run through the wash to get the stinky out.

Bailey picked out a couple of machine washable cave beds to see him through the cold months ahead! They are on the Amazon Wish List.

Dogs can detect sadness

I know mine pick up on mommies moods, sometimes before mommy does!

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