The American Pomeranian Club Board of Directors voted to issue this statement to all AKC Judges licensed to judge Pomeranians as submitted by the Judges Education Committee.

The double-coat is an extremely important characteristic of the Pomeranian. The Pomeranian is a Nordic/Spitz breed and correct coat, guard hair, undercoat, texture and length is the epitome of our breed. The coat is an important part of protecting the breed in the extremely cold temperatures the Pomeranian was bred to live in on the coast of Pomerania.

The American Pomeranian Club is extremely concerned with the current trend of sculpting and overtrimming the coat of the Pomeranian. Specifically, the sculpting of the overall coat and removal of guard hair and tail coat. The Judge should be able to evaluate the texture of the guard hair which is not possible to do when it has been cut off.

The Pomeranian Breed Standard is very specific in the description of correct coat and trimming:

Coat – The Pomeranian is a double-coated breed.

Body – The body should be well covered with a short, dense undercoat with long harsh-textured guard hair growing through, forming the longer abundant outer coat which stands off from the body. The coat should form a ruff around the neck, framing the head, extending over the shoulders and chest.

Head & Leg – Head and leg coat is tightly packed and shorter in length than that of the body. Forelegs are well-feathered. Thighs and hind legs are heavily coated to the hock forming a skirt.

Tail – Tail is profusely covered with long, harsh spreading straight hair forming a plume. Females may not carry as thick or long a coat as a male.

Puppies – Puppy coat may be dense and shorter overall and may or may not show guard hair. A cotton type coat is undesirable in an adult. Coat should be in good and healthy condition especially the skirt, tail, and undercarriage.

Trimming – Trimming for neatness and a clean outline is permissible.

Major Fault – soft, flat or open coat.

Current unacceptable trends consist of sculpting the Pomeranian into a triangle shape, cutting off guard hair on the back of the neck, trimming off a majority of the tail plume and trimming off the majority of the skirt.

Excessive trimming to the point of sculpting by exhibitors will not stop unless Judges enforce the breed standard on trimming, “trimming for neatness and a clean outline is permissible.”


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