People forget about me because I don’t look like my foster siblings.
I’m old, my fur has thinned so much you can see my skin, I fall down a lot, I spend most of my time curled in a ball asleep, it takes me a long time to eat because I was born missing most of my bottom jaw, and I hate being groomed more than anyone my mommy has ever met.
I’m also the stinkiest Pom you have ever met! I may only be 6 pounds, but I can clear a room and need lots of baths. Part of the reason I’m so stinky is because I spend most of the time “stewing” in my snuggly bed on my heating pad.

My bed has to be washed a lot so they don’t last as long as most beds. I also need two beds so I always have somewhere to curl up! My beds have to soak in the washer with vinegar and baking soda for a couple hours before they are run through the wash to get the stinky out.

Bailey picked out a couple of machine washable cave beds to see him through the cold months ahead! They are on the Amazon Wish List.

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