If you are looking for a serious lap dog & complete cuddle bug look no further! Cody is 8 years old, 8 pounds and addicted to love!

He is a gorgeous, rare, red Pomeranian and his fur is silky soft (more like hair). He came to us as part of a 9-dog surrender from a “backyard breeder”.  He has one of the best temperaments I’ve seen.  Cody loves to play and is obsessed with his Care Bear or Tatty Teddy.  We’ve never had a Pom that loves toys as much as he does.  There are usually at least 4 toys on our bed because he loves to sit on the bed and play!  Play Video -Cody the toy hoarder

Cody would do best in a quiet low-key home. Ideally, we would like to see him with an older couple that is home to more to give him extra cuddles!  He is not a licker and doesn’t really give kisses, but he insists on resting his head on your leg while watching your favorite shows.  I have an obsessive licker, so this is a wonderful quality for me!  Play Video – Cody the Lover

He gets along with everybody 2 or 4 legged.  He doesn’t socialize with the other dogs much unless Romeo steals his care bear and he is waiting for an opportunity to snatch it back.

Cody has some health issues that will need to be taken into consideration before placing an application to adopt him.  We will be very selective in placing him, so please review his needs below.

  1. He had hip surgery in 2016 and has a little bit of a “bow-legged” walk. It is good therapy for him to go on short walks to build up the muscle in the hip/leg area to keep him strong.
  2. He has minor arthritis in the hip due to the surgery and his age, another reason for the walks.
  3. He must be in a home with carpeting or significant area rugs. He slips on slick, shiny hardwoods which aggravates his hip which in turn makes him limp more and makes it harder for him to maintain his balance which makes him slip more.
  4. A single story house is preferred.  Mutli-level is ok if the stairs are carpeted and he’s only going up for bed and down in the morning.
  5. He has a heart murmur that is a Grade 3-4.  He takes furosemide (reduces excess fluid from building around his lungs/heart) and enalapril (helps the heart beat more efficiently) every morning. The cost of these meds is approx. $15/month. Giving him his meds is very easy.  He looks forward to it and swallows them down in two seconds!  He also gets children’s cough suppressant as needed.
  6. You must be within 100 miles of Richmond, VA for this adoption due to his health issues.

If you think Cody is the right dog for you, click here for an application.

You can also check out more pictures of Cody in his FB Album here.

If you can’t adopt Cody but would like to help pay for his care and medications, click here.

One thought on “Available Rescue – Cody

  1. I live in California. I had a sweetheart Red Pomeranian I named HoneyBear. He had heart worm when I adopted him. Two vets said he was too far gone to treat. We had two wonderful, happy years. He died in my arms. I wish I lived where you are. I would adopt this little fellow in a heartbeat.


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