Problem with this is levothyroxine is the generic name. On the prescription bottle in very small print it will say where your pills came from, It can change with every refill.

The recall is from Westminster Pharmaceuticals. They should put that in the main article!

Tootsie & I both take this and both got refills in the past couple weeks. Tootsies Walgreens was manufactured by Lannet and mine by Abbvie filled by Express Scripts.

6E1EA834-5E9F-44A3-9F6B-03F86C92813BThe Food and Drug Administration has announced a voluntary recall for two thyroid medications because their could be problems with an ingredient.Westminster Pharmaceuticals has recalled some Levothyroxine and Liothyronine tablets as a precaution, according
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2 thoughts on “FDA issues recall on two thyroid medications | WSYX

  1. The recall is for pills 15mg and larger. My 7.5 lb Pomeranian takes 0.1 mg twice a day, half of a 0.2 mg tablet. Do many Pomeranians take so much they would be affected?


    1. Probably not, but better safe than sorry. My poms dosage is actually higher than mine. Some people also buy the higher dosage pills and give 1/2 or 1/4 pill because it works out cheaper than 1 pill=1 dose.


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