2 thoughts on “Dog sitting drama!

  1. I am livid over backyard breeders All these half breed things and the prices asked for a made up breed. These breeders do not know enough about genetics to breed a consistent quality By 3rd generation these breeders WILL see defects and deformities. Please, DO NOT buy half breeds and PAY big bucks. Beware, even in ‘show’ families they know that defects will occur. The beautiful Pomeranian in a crisis. X gene alopecia is epedimic. Dog that show hair lose and black skin occur shortly after 1 yr haveX gene alopecia. It is genetic.


  2. Beware, Backyard breeders are destroying the Pomeranian breed. All these half breed things are depleting the gene pool. Beware, breeders, defects are being seen. X gene alopecia is epidemic in Pomeranians. Backyard breeder also show and you only see the success stories not the poor quality pets they sell. Beware!!!


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