One of our foster moms has requested some can covers and grain free treats that all of our rescues seem to love and tolerate well no matter how sensitive their tummies! Rescues are just like kids, you find something that works and stick with it!

We have added the items to our Amazon Wish List! We still have 8 of the Poms rescued in May avail and we also have a Miniature Pinscher.

Click here for our wish list!


One thought on “Need for can covers and treats! Cleaning supplies always needed.

  1. Can I send you some, that my spoiled pom does not like… I usually bring them to vets, but I am a pom lover and I want to focus on the rescue. I bought my pom frommar margaret mckee and my father raised poms. I would nev e r ever send any bad treats to any of my beloved pom breed…
    Please let me know. I always say to my Apom BUNNYBEAR, if she does not eat a treat, think of all the starving dogs b in folks used v to say that b to me i.e., not eating vegetables… ha ha. But used b the v term children…


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