s4002nsopopbwyr4I’ll be the first to admit that fostering is hard. In my experience, the first is super hard because you’re just figuring out how to love another being, but still let them go. That was Frisco, now Cody. Then I had Mickey. He was a little fussy and dad babysat most of the time i had him so it was easier.

Then came Ashton. Ashton was my potato. I loved that little guy with all of me. He needed me and I gave him all of me. It was one if the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Wade and Johnny came next. They were a different sort, I knew they would be adopted quickly so I was able to stay detached, but still care for them.

Jasper… He is quirky and a pain, in the best way. I missed him when I came home and didn’t see his head pop up in the window, but he was young and energetic and I have no doubt he will be cared for.

Now… Bandit and Rascal. I love them. I am connected to them and I think they love me, based on their wiggly butts when I come home. I am in love with Bandit and Rascal and if I didn’t have a rescue minded heart, I would keep them.

If I did that though, my heart and house would be above capacity. I wouldn’t be able to help anyone else.

The most important thing when fostering is knowing what is really best for them.

Maybe it is you and that’s awesome! Maybe you just think it’s you and if you really consider it, you’ll realize that even though you love this tiny being to infinity and beyond… you know there is someone else who could love them just as much as you do, while you keep room for the next pup who needs you.

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