With 9 Poms coming into rescue ranging in age from 12 years down to puppy, we are going to be super busy!

Even though we don’t have all the details yet, Poms will be adopted on a first come first serve basis based on compatibility with an appropriate family.  So if you have been considering adopting a Pom, even if you aren’t sure, it can’t hurt to get an application in now to have on file.  Having an application on file will ensure you are first in line for consideration when an appropriate Pom becomes available for your family.

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Here are the links to our applications.

For a printable PDF application to fill out, scan, and email back to us, click here.

For a WORD application you can download to your computer, type, and email back, click here.

Submitting an application in no way obligates you.

We will only put your application on file as a place marker in the event you should choose to adopt a Pom from us in the future.

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