via Pomeranian Book | The Incredible PetPom Book – Now in Print

The PetPom Book has been re-written and improved and is now PetPom’s GIANT Book of Pomeranian Care.

This 372-page, comprehensive book is the most helpful, detailed Pomeranian book that exists.

Available in print (via Amazon) here: PetPom’s GIANT Book of Pomeranian Care – Paperback $16.99 8.5×11″ 372 pages

And PDF ebook (formatted for your computer, tablet, or smartphone) here: PetPom’s GIANT Book of Pomeranian Care – PDF ebook $8.99

If you are looking for a book about Pomeranians that goes above and beyond, you’ve found it. This incredible 372-page tome dives into every aspect needed to raise a happy, self-confident, well-behaved, and healthy Pomeranian.

Each action you take, decision you make, and even the words you say have an impact on your Pomeranian. This book explores every relevant topic with an emphasis on concise information and practical advice that never leaves you wondering ‘what next?’ You’ll be armed with the knowledge you need for all elements affecting your Pom directly or indirectly through every phase of life; from puppyhood through adulthood and into the senior years.

Learn about the Pomeranian with size and structural variations, show vs. pet Poms, personality (and how your actions help shape it), color, intelligence, and more. If you’re just now bringing a Pom home, this book will guide you with introductions to home & family, how to handle nighttime crying, setting up your Pom’s area, early desensitization, and more.

This book is tailored to your Pomeranian; shy or hyper, clingy or a bit too independent, a dog that jumps up on visitors or hides behind furniture when the doorbell rings. Every behavioral quirk that may manifest (26 sections) is in this massive book, including a comprehensive section on separation anxiety to give your Pom the gift of self-confidence and security while you’re away from home.

The grooming chapter (10 sections) is extensive, with a schedule of tasks, a breakdown of each, step-by-step bathing, the importance of proper drying, brushing (puppy and adult), tangles, coat products, nail clipping (with photos), tear stains, and more. The coat is one of this breed’s most defining features; this Pomeranian book covers it all with puppy to adult coat transitions, trimmings, shedding, and fur loss issues with home remedies to help restore the coat.

The training sections are exceptional with step-by-step instructions to curb barking (every single barking scenario along with training for each), heeling alongside you, meet & greets with other dogs, nipping, humping, begging, over-zealous licking, command training, instilling proper hierarchy, socialization and desensitization, and much more.

Feeding & nutrition (10 sections) is explored in full, with advice vital to your Pomeranian’s short and long-term health, as well as female topics (including full pregnancy, whelping, and ‘breeding for color’ info), body part specific care, andhouse training (9 sections; ensuring fast success with no stone left unturned).

The Exercise & Activity chapter covers requirements, fun things to do, dog park safety, weather-related adjustments, and much more.

This book doesn’t slow down for a moment, with incredibly extensive health information (30+ sections) covering every issue the Pomeranian is prone to, conditions that affect toy breeds, and relevant issues seen with canines in general, including an outstanding allergy chapter. Never second-guess yourself, wondering what to do.

Included are the results of two puppy-growth studies of 249 Pom puppies that tracked first-year weights, comprehensive owner survey results exploring appearance, behavior, and health of 3,695 Pomeranians, statistics regarding life expectancy, and an entire chapter dedicated to keeping your Pom safe.

Throughout this book are sidebars, charts, beautiful photos (b&w in print, color in ebook), and supplemental aids.

Contributors include several top reputable AKC Pomeranian breeders and author and trainer Faye Dunningham who provides special-edition training sections.

We hope you’re excited to begin the journey of learning more about your Pom and providing the very best of care. Let’s get started!

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