2 thoughts on “Princess Poison

  1. I want to thank whomever left me a business card on my driver’s window at Walmart Parham a few days ago. I have been a Pom owner since 1985; however, I had to put down my last one about 20 months ago. My oldest one lived to be 18! I would love to provide a good home to a rescued Pomeranian. Please keep me in mind.

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    1. Hi Pat! I left a card in a window at Kroger. I thought our group had a monopoly on all the variations of “Pom” on personalized license plates so I always get excited when I see a new one! I didn’t approve your comment to be published because I didn’t want everyone to see your email and phone number. You can follow our blog to see when we have rescues avail. I am currently helping a breeder trying to find a home for 2 of her retired Poms, Sunny and Magic. Their pictures are in an album on my Facebook page called “Looking for a Home” if you think you may be interested. We meet every month if you’d ever like to come out and join us!

      Krystyna Lineberry – Vice President & Rescue Coordinator


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