via 3 Things All Pomeranian Owners Should Know –

#1 – That Coat Needs Grooming

The Pom coat is high maintenance. Frequent brushing is required to prevent mats. Owners also need to watch for skin issues that hide under all that fur, such as hot spots or dry skin. Pomeranians are prone to flaky skin, so it’s something that needs to be monitored. They should not be shaved except for medical reasons, as the Pomeranian coat is designed to regulate body temperature.

#2 – Fragile Bodies

While many Poms act like they are Great Danes, their tiny bodies are actually quite fragile. They are prone to issues such as luxating patellas and their tracheas are easily damaged. Jumping from the couch can cause broken limbs; jumping from your arms can be fatal. Harnesses are safer when walking than a collar. Owning a Pomeranian means taking extra care that he doesn’t get hurt.

#3 – They Need Socializing

Often described as having a Napoleon complex, Pomeranians can be very territorial. If they have not had training and proper socialization, your Pom will be a nuisance barker that feels it’s his duty to protect your home from anything that comes by, including the garbage man, friends, family or the neighbor’s cat.

Written by Kristina Lotz


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