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You do not need to be present to win

Deadline for purchasing tickets online in January 12, 2018

The drawing will be held at the Fredericksburg Expo Center on January 13 at 3:00 pm.  We have club members located throughout Virginia and Maryland and can arrange to have this awesome case brought to you in those areas.  If you are in the Richmond, VA area (or within a reasonable driving distance), I will personally deliver it (you can PM me on Facebook-Krystyna Lineberry or through our FB page).

We are raffling off this large, portable grooming/make up case as a fundraiser to support club operations in the upcoming year.  Operations include paying our insurance, caring for our rescues, maintaining our website…

  • This case is close to 3 feet tall, has a telescoping handle, and detachable sections so you don’t have to take the entire case if you only need one section.
  • The lid has a handle that allows the unit to be carried independently of the telescoping handle.
  • The first section has 6 expanding, accordion style sections for holding any number of small goodies like scissors, pallets, nail polish, markers, Dremel attachments, etc….
  • They are attached to the middle section which is a large open space suitable for larger items like brushes, , bottles/cans, curlers, punches, etc…  These first two sections can be removed and taken independently of the rolling unit if desired.
  • The bottom section has numerous elastic straps attached to the sides to secure items from shifting and spilling.  Perfect for spray bottles, misters, towels, hair spray, glue guns, hair dryers, Dremels, and hundreds of other items.  The lid will attach to this section so it can be used by itself also effectively making this case three different cases in one sleek package!

Please let me know if you want to be entered in the 50/50 drawing, the Aluminum Case drawing or if you would like to split your tickets between the two!  If you don’t tell me which, you will automatically be entered in the drawing for the case.

Click below to purchase your tickets via Paypal (there’s a penny on each of the links so it stands out on our Paypal account as a ticket sale $1.01, $5.01, etc…)

1 ticket for $1

6 tickets for $5

12 tickets for $10

and if you’re really feeling lucky…

25 tickets for $20


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