Dexter is an 8 year old (11/22/08), 7 pound male Pomeranian,

dark orange/red in color.  He has had one owner who surrendered him because she was no longer able to afford his care.  

Dexter is DIABETIC and requires 2 insulin injections per day.  The insulin injections are easy to give and should not intimidate a potential family away from this cutie.  
He gets 2 units of Novolin N twice per day.  At Walmart, the insulin is only $25 for a 100 unit dose vial. A box of syringes is $13. This means the cost of his medical care can be about $2.00 per day for the insulin and needles. Click here to sponsor a month of his insulin injections for $38.
He does have a collapsing trachea so it is important to keep his weight down, not take him on long walks (especially on hot or humid days), and never to use a collar, always a harness, which is better for all Poms. He will not be adopted into a home with a smoker.  We use a cough suppressant as needed that varies from Tussigon (prescription required) if the cough has been bad or Robitussin for more minor coughing.  We also use CBD Oil to relax him when he is having a trachea fit.  We are trying Cerenia to reduce inflammation and better manage his coughs (1/4 tab, once a day. 4 tablets are $11)
Dexter is getting along fine with our other dogs, but we do not have a social history on him.  Due to his size and health issues, he needs a home with no young children and someone who is able to give him injections after breakfast and dinner every day on a regular schedule to manage his diabetes.  He should not be given “people food” and his diet needs to be monitored so he’s not getting a lot of extra sugars (potato, carbs, etc…)  A high quality food will take care of this.  He does have a history of hypoglycemia, so a structured diet is important.

He is super sweet and follows me everywhere.  He likes to be with his person all the time and would make a wonderful companion.

If you are not able to adopt Dexter, perhaps you could donate supplies to help with his care?  Our Amazon Wish List has items (such as wet food, blood sugar testing strips & lancets) needed for his, and other rescues, care.  Click HERE to view our list.  

Advocate Meters has the best deals on testing stripsThey can be shipped to Attn: Lineberry, 9830 Mayland Dr, Ste J, Richmond, VA 23233

Dexter loves The Fighting Jamesons!!

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