Mickey was born on December 28, 2007 making him 9.5 years old.  Average life span for a Pomeranian is 14-16 years and he has a lot of pep, so we expect him to be around for a long time with the proper care.

Mickey came to us on August 10 as an owner surrender in need of a cystotomy to remove 2 dozen stones from his bladder and 2 large stones from his urethra.  He received the emergency cystotomy surgery in addition to dental surgery from Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care in Richmond, VA on August 11.

He is currently being fostered in Richmond while recovering from this major surgery and will have his stitches removed and a urinalysis ran in two weeks to check for any signs of infection.  After he receives the all clear, he will be eligible to go to his new home.  We are accepting applications.

Mickey’s family surrendered him in part due to their inability to afford the surgery he needed to ease his pain and save his life, but also due to the home situation.  They have two young children (4 years and 3 months) at home and since the birth of the oldest, Mickey has gradually become more withdrawn spending more time in his kennel until after the kids are in bed when he would venture out for some love.  These factors in addition to some other personal issues led to the heartbreaking decision for the family that surrendering Mickey was in his best interest.

Mickey is an AWESOME TRAVELER!! He loves car rides and going shopping!  His mom says he doesn’t have any love for cats, even though he was around 6 of them for a couple years.  He likes to be with his people and can usually be found at your feet next to the couch or on the couch with you.  He likes to cuddle up to you in bed at night right now.

Mickey will not be adopted to any home with children under the age of 12.  Being around younger children stresses Mickey too much to make it a part of his everyday living situation.  Mickey is quite vocal and is probably better as house dog rather than an apartment.  He likes to serenade you with his impression of a husky (check him out on our YouTube page).

If you are interested in adopting Mickey, you must be able to commit to and afford his dietary needs.  He has had 2 surgeries in under 5 years to remove bladder stones.  Each of these surgeries is traumatic for him and expensive for you.  

Feeding him the prescribed Royal Canin Urinary Health diet at all times will prevent new stones from forming.  He is currently eating ¼ can, twice a day.  Each can costs between $2.60 – 3.00 depending on where you buy it from and in what quantity.  It is cheaper by the case.  A little water should be added to his food to help boost his water intake.  In addition to meals, he can only have treats that support his urinary health.  Absolutely no table scraps!!

I know it sounds daunting, but it really isn’t.  It is however, very important and cannot be stressed enough!

If you are interested in adopting Mickey, please click below to fill out an application.

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