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Mickey’s Page

UPDATE 8/12 – All the good vibes being sent our way today paid off big time!! 

They were able to catheterize and work the stones back into his bladder without having to re-route his plumbing from a boy to a girl! So relieved!! They even did a dental and since he was already under, we got a discount on the dental!
Throw in a courtesy nail trim and what started out as a super stressful morning, ended up being a pretty good afternoon.

UPDATE 8/11 – It’s more serious than we originally thought.

This adds several hundred dollars to the cost of surgery. We really need all the help we can get with this. Right now, it is being charged on a person credit card. Even $5.00 will help!

Richmond, VA – Mickey is a 9.5 year old, 15 lb. brown and white pom boy who is suffering from painful and life threatening bladder stones. He needs an immediate cystotomy!

X-Rays show 2 dozen stones in his bladder and 2 stones blocking his urethra. 

His dad was deployed and mom had 2 kids under 5 at home.  They could not afford the surgery he needs so they have surrendered him to the Pomeranian Club of Central Virginia.

Mickey will be required to be on a special diet for the remainder of his life to prevent recurrence of stones.

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