Bailey is a 7 lbs. and approx. 12 years old.  A typically lifespan for a Pomeranian is 14-16 years. 

He loves rubbing up against your leg for scratches and belly rubs, very cat-like.  He knows the word “outside” and goes in and out of the doggie door with no problem.   The only time he barks is for food, otherwise he is quiet as a mouse. He would be an excellent apartment dog.

Since his teeth are all gone, he obviously should eat soft food, but he does grab kibble from the other dogs bowl.  The vet said he was in pretty good overall shape, has minor cataracts but still sees ok, and he has a strong heart. You should see him hop about like a little deer. It’s very cute with his unusual gait.  Look at him frolicking in the yard in his video. 

He has blossomed! It took longer for him than any other foster we’ve ever had. What took 4 days for others took 4 months for him! Finally, after 7 months, he has started sleeping in the bedroom. Normally fosters are sleeping in bed with us on the first night. I’m not sure he ever had a “pack” before. We took him to the mall at about 4 months and he was rubbing on everyone. He is a strange little guy. He doesn’t like to be held for a long time or to sit with you on the couch. After you’re done rubbing his belly he retires to his bed. He puts up a huge fight when trying to groom him. He is very happy to see us when we get home and comes over to “tap” us with his front paws. He has to tap both of us (we carpool to work). If one of us is lagging behind because we’re getting the mail or something, he goes to the door looking for the other one. We have gotten a few kisses out of him, but it’s hard for him to reach his tongue up with no lower jaw to support it. The few times he has given kisses we were either laying on the floor with him or were holding him higher than our nose level.  

He would do best in a home with older, low key, people.  He is content to just eat, sleep, and hang out. There are some rescues that seem to exude gratitude for a full belly and warm bed, Bailey is one of those. He personifies contentment.  He loves going out on his leash for short walks and cruising Stony Park Mall meeting and greeting.  His favorite is to run around in the big yard.

As a senior, Bailey’s adoption fee is $250.

If you’d like to help out, you can donate food and other items from our Amazon Wish List

Check back for updates often.  We are always adding more pictures and videos.
If you can’t see the slideshow below or want to see all the pictures at once, click here

2 thoughts on “Available Rescue – Bailey *Super Sweet Senior*

  1. He has really blossomed. When he isn't sleeping (20+ hours a day) or eating (another hour) he is all bouncy. It's the cutest thing to see him bounce around. He will come up and lean into you for rubs, he runs in and out with the pack, and has learned not to let the other dogs squeeze him out of arms reach when getting attention.

    He is a very heavy sleeper! Sometimes he doesn't hear us at all when its time to go out in the morning. We startle him when we reach into the iris pen to pick him up.


  2. Hi! So happy to see Bailey is in a loving home. I am the person who originally picked Bailey up off of the side of Route 40 (a very, very busy 4 lane divided road) in Aberdeen, MD. He was just standing there…all alone, too close to the road. I have 3 children, a large dog, two cats … I knew, no matter how precious he is, I just would not be able to provide the home that Bailey would thrive in. I was so lucky to find a Pom Rescue with someone living close by who could take him immediately and get him on the road to health and a furever home. I am happy to see his lopside little grin and that he is being well cared for. I pray he will find the perfect friends to share his life with…I am certain that he will give back double whatever he is given. Thank you to the fine and caring people who have him for now. Give him a hug and tell him I said, “Well, done, Little Man.”


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