If you’ve been following Gibbs, then you know he has an enlarged heart and was being treated for a mass pressing on his trachea as well.
After two rounds of prednisone, the pressure on his trachea was relieved and he no longer had the coughing fits that prevented him from resting. However, after about five days he started getting a cough again. We decided to put him back on 5mg of prednisone twice a day. This has kept the cough from recurring.
To treat the fluid buildup around his heart that keeps him short of breath, we are giving 10mg of furosemide twice a day. Occasionally if he sounds particularly bad, I will give him 20mg instead. 
Even with these medications and keeping his movement down to walking from the kitchen to the living room or bedroom, with the occasional trip out the doggie door to a small area, he still struggles. If he gets excited in anyway, his oxygen levels plummet and he goes into a seizure like state. He will get stressed sometimes to the point of becoming stiff and if you put him down, he will face palm the ground and it takes a few moments for him to come around and use his legs.
Traditional treatments don’t seem to be working as well as we would like, so we are adding cannabis to his treatment regimen. I researched this option and discussed it with a vet. The vet has another patient who has used it to successfully treat seizures in their dog. We are starting out with the recommended dosage of 80mg twice a day, or 1 cookie every 12 hours. 
With the “cannabis cookies” in addition to the prescribed medications, Gibbs treatments are currently costing around $50.00 per month. We will be making adjustments as we are able to his meds. My goal is to get him off of the prednisone which can be damaging to the liver and kidneys with long term use.
We would love to have some sponsors for Gibbs treatment while he’s waiting for an adopter that is willing and able to provide what he needs. Please use the PayPal donate link below (or on the right side of your screen for different options) and donate whatever you can, even $5 a month is a HUGE help! If we can get 10 people to contribute $5 every month, his medications would be fully paid for!
Use this button to donate $5.00!  
Click here for the treats we are using currently:
Read here for information on the use of cannabis for dogs:

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