Richmond, Virginia – Frisco is a 2 year old, larger male that came to us from Brunswick. His owner abruptly left for California leaving most of his possessions, including Frisco, behind. 

Frisco is a lover. He loves cats, dogs, but especially people! Frisco loves to be petted and scratched above his tail. He makes little grunting noises when you pet him. 

He loves blueberry Nutro crunchy treats and rawhides, bit he is food aggressive with other dogs, so he needs his own bowl.

Frisco loves to chase squirrels, so a fenced in yard would be best. He would also do best in a home with dogs around his size. He hasn’t been around dogs bigger than him, but sometimes plays a little too rough with the little ones. 

Frisco knows “sit” and is house trained, but he does mark new places. He can be stubborn, but is very smart, so with more training, he will literally be the perfect dog. He has a lot of energy, since he is still very young, so he needs someone who will keep him physically and mentally stimulated. His tail is always wagging and he always has a smile for you.

Frisco’s adoption fee is $300.

Click here for more pictures & videos of Frisco!

Click here for an Adoption Application!

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