Polar Bear?  Seal Pup? Gibbs has quite a story.

He is a purebred Pomeranian bred by a show breeder of Champion Pomeranians in New York (Great River Poms). He was sold approximately a decade ago, but the records were destroyed during a divorce so we don’t know to who.  The microchip implanted by the breeder was never registered so we cannot trace it to the purchaser. 

Sometime after he was purchased, Indianapolis Animal Services (Animal Control) ended up with him, though we don’t know how.  All we know is that they implanted a second microchip that also was never registered by the adopting family.  We reached out to them to try and get more information but did not hear back from them.

Fast forward to October 6, 2016 and Gibbs is picked up as a stray in Rustburg, Virginia by Campbell County Animal Control and brought to their shelter.  With the exception of a couple of mats behind the ears he is remarkably clean and it is assumed he will be claimed quickly.  One of our adoptive moms finds out about him so when the 10 day stray hold passes, the Pomeranian Club of Central Virginia asks that he be released to their care.

Gibbs is given a course of Clavamox by the shelter to treat a cough and then given a course of Baytril by a rescue vet when the cough has not subsided by the time the Clavamox was completed. When it is clear we are not dealing with kennel cough, Gibbs is brought in for an X-ray which is when we find the second microchip that Campbell County did not find.  It is assumed they stopped looking after they found the Indianapolis chip.

We had hoped to have surgery performed at this time. While he has obviously changed hands many times, no one had him neutered and his mouth is the worst I’ve ever seen. He cannot eat anything but very soft, almost puréed food due to mouth pain.

Unfortunately, in addition to the chip, early aspiration pneumonia is spotted in his upper lungs as well as an unidentifiable mass which is pressing on his trachea that is believed to be the actual cause of his cough. He has an enlarged heart, so we cannot clearly determine the nature of the mass on the X-rays and we decide on a course of doxycycline & prednisone in an attempt to shrink the mass to make it safe for surgery.

He is extremely sweet and very quiet.  He is almost all white until you get to the ears, then he is a light cream.  In the non-Pom world, he would most likely be called a white dog,  in it, we call him cream.  He is 8.25 pounds right now.

We are taking applications for his adoption, though he will not be available until he is able to be neutered and have his dental done.

UPDATE 11/27 – The mass is responding to the prednisone, but unfortunately that has only halfway solved the coughing/breathing issues.  Gibbs does have congestive heart failure (CHF).  At this point we will need an adopter that is willing to provide the care and medications needed to prolong his life.  From past experience, the cost to fill the prescriptions for 90 days can run as much as $200-300.  However in that case there was also a murmur, which Gibbs does not have, so his will likely be a little less.  The big thing for him is getting him to the point where he is oxygenating enough to keep his tongue a healthy pink and not tinted purple.

  Click here for Gibbs Photo Album 

One thought on “Available Rescue – Gibbs (Updated)

  1. I’m interested in adopting Gibbs and giving him a permanent loving home where he can thrive . Please contact me back when you get this I’m very interested and very serious and I think my family would love him he seems great he seems absolutely tremendous larger than life. The kinda Pom I want around me and my circle


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