Available Rescue – BAILEY

Our rescue program is very small and we have two poms needing extensive medical right now and we are out of money (Gibbs & Frisco) and we haven’t paid off Bailey’s tail amputation from last month yet.

PCCV has joined with Yankee Candle to help raise funds for the medical treatments needed by the rescues in our care.

CLICK HERE and use the PCCV Group # 990105254, to start shopping and Yankee Candle will send Pomeranian Club of Central Virginia 40% of each sale. Your goods are shipped directly to you!  Simple as that!

You can also donate using the button on our Facebook page or  the “Donate” button on the sidebar to the right of this post.  Every single dollar helps!  

The best way to help is to adopt one of sweethearts!  If you are interested in adding a poofball of joy into your life, please consider adopting a rescue. 
Available Rescue – RUSTY
Available Rescue – TY

Sure, they may not be as “cute” as a puppy.  But they also don’t chew your shoes, your remotes, wires, need to be housebroken, they can be left home alone all day if needed, you know what their personality is already (no surprise behavior problems!) and besides, puppies grow out of the cuteness after a couple months anyway! 

Available after treatments finished – GIBBS

November is “Adopt a Senior” month.  In honor of that, all adoptions of the Poms seen on this post are $50 off if you mention you saw it on our website!

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