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What a sweetie!
He is a throwback Pom at about 13 pounds. A nice clear orange.  He would be an awesome family dog! 

Tank would love to go for daily walks and maybe a game of indoor fetch on those dark, rainy evenings, but he’d be just as happy hanging out with his people on the couch.
He would be okay with other dogs and kids to play with!  He is very patient and his foster mom says that it is tested constantly with a little obnoxious puppy that likes to cause trouble.  He knows sit and comes when called, he is working on other commands, but it’s hard with so many other dogs at his foster home.
We don’t have any paperwork on this guy, but they thought he was about 10. His age is a bit suspect as he has a full mouth of sturdy teeth, no white along the muzzle and no indicators that he is in fact that old.  Perhaps closer to 7 or 8.
Click here to send an email or send a message to Margaret McKee of Goochland on FB to contact his foster mom directly, or message us here for the phone number.  His foster mom’s PC is on the fritz so please include your phone number so she can call you.
Tank’s adoption fee is $200.

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