Casper has been with us since Father’s Day weekend and is one of the most loving rescues we’ve had.

His idea of a perfect day is doing anything you are doing as long as he is doing it with you.  Be warned!  Once you roll him on his back for belly rubs, you better be in for the long haul.  He can stay like that for what feels like an eternity just letting you gently caress his belly.  He enjoys sleeping at your feet in bed and snuggling on the couch.  He does very well on the leash and adores car rides. One mention of his name and he is by your side before you can blink!

Casper is a gorgeous cream color, and weighs in at a healthy 6.9 pounds.  He just turned 5 in May so he still has a decade left in him to be someones companion.  His previous owners did not take care of his teeth which led to overcrowding from adult and baby teeth that had not fallen out, so we had to have 23 teeth pulled.  As a result, he does not have any front teeth to keep his tongue in his mouth, so it sticks out a little (which is quite adorable).  However, that is not as bad as it may sound.  He still retains his back molars so he can chew small bites kibble and would do well on a mixed diet of kibble and soft food.

He tested negative for heart worms and has a very strong heartbeat with no signs of murmur and great patellas.  He has recently been neutered and had all of his shots updated.  He did experience quite a bit of post surgical pain which led to him not being able to stand up 2 days after surgery.  Our vet changed his pain medication and he is now doing fine and is able to go to a new home.  In the future, his vet should be made aware of this if he is to have any procedure done as this is not a typical response.

When he arrived he did have 2 ticks on him (one in his ear canal).  He tested with a very faint positive for Ehrlichia & Lyme and had had ear infections in both ears.  He has received medication for the ear infection and has not shown any symptoms for Ehrlichia or Lyme requiring treatment.  This indicates the positive results were most likely caused by the toxins from the current ticks and will have completely worked out of his system in few weeks.

He has a curious habit of leaning a bit to the left.  His tongue sticks out to the left.  When you hold him, he relaxes to the left.  He has a tiny hitch in his step (that has improved after treating his ears), which gives him a different gait than your usual Pom.  Our vet examined him and feels this is likely due to a previous unknown injury.

Casper’s Adoption Fee is $300.

Keep checking back as new pictures get added to the slideshow regularly!

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