Meet my dog, Jazzi. She helps kids learn to read. She’s what’s known as a Tail-Waggin’ Tutor. Jazzi is a 2-year-old Pomeranian. She is smart, extremely obedient, gentle, calm, and most of all exceptionally sweet. She is also unbelievably childlike in her manner. In the comfort of her own home, she is a lap-hopper and an ear-licker. She is the ideal dog for helping kids.
To help get her there, when Jazzi was 6 months old, I trained her to be a therapy dog. To qualify a dog must be at least a year old. I already had this experience with my other dog in this same field, so training her myself was easy. When Jazzi’s day came to take her Canine Good Citizentest, I got her tested as a therapy dog at the same time. During the exam, I was more nervous than she was; I had to keep reminding myself not to transmit my nervousness down the leash to her. But Jazzi had no problem passing both her Therapy Dogs International and CGC tests. I am now her personal handler and we are a team. She is so docile, and such a sweet pup. The instructor testing her wrote that very comment on her test paper. (I was not surprised.)
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