Topper is a very sweet 10 year old boy. 

Don’t let his age fool you!  He is super sweet and can spend hours on his back letting you rub his tummy!  He has years of love left to give and would love a nice lap to spend it in.

He is crate trained and gets along with other dogs.
Check out his videos on YouTube: 
Click here to send an email or send a message to Margaret McKee of Goochland on FB to contact his foster mom directly, or message us here or on our PCCV Facebook Page the phone number.

One thought on “ADOPTED!!!! Available Rescue – Topper

  1. My pomeranian,Piper just passed away and I am so lost and heartbroken without her. She passed almost 2 wks. ago. She was a very special dog to me and very spoiled. She had everything,a stroller,car seat, crate, handmade canopy dog bed that she never slept in,a doggie sofa,toys,clothes,etc. She never slept in the bed,she slept with me. She was like my child and I feel like I have lost a child. I watched the video of topper and he is so sweet and cute. Im not sure if he is adopted but I would have loved to have gotten him. Im an animal lover and pomeranians are very special to me. They have so much personality and are so fury and cute. If he is still available or if anyone knows of any other poms that need a good home please contact me at 804-490-8329 anytime. If I dont answer right away please leave a message. Thank you so much.


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