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The American Kennel Club describes Pomeranian dogs as active toy dogs known for their compact stature, weighing between 4 to 6 lbs. Pomeranians have thick undercoats, covered with a shiny, straight outer coat that is often kept long. Highly alert, Pomeranians are curious dogs whose tails stand high. Pomeranians are an ideal breed whether they are kept as companion dogs or exhibited as show dogs.
According to the American Kennel Club, Pomeranian dogs came from Pomerania, a region that is now associated with both Germany and Poland. Historically, Pomeranians weighed up to 30 lbs. and were adept at herding sheep when full-sized. The breed became well known in 1870, when England’s Kennel Club identified it as the Spitz. The popularity of Pomeranians grew dramatically in 1888 when Queen Victoria adopted one while in Florence, Italy and brought it home to England as a pet.
Pomeranians are known for their intelligence, outgoing personality and willingness to please. Proper training will encourage these characteristics, making Pomeranians excellent family pets. Because Pomeranians are small dogs, they do not need vigorous exercise. However, Pomeranians are energetic dogs, demanding the undivided attention of their masters at all times.
Health Problems
Typically, Pomeranians live long and healthy lives. However, some health issues can arise in some Pomeranians that can limit the breed’s lifespan. For example, a Pomeranian’s teeth require regular cleaning. Neglecting a Pomeranian’s teeth can cause them to fall out prematurely. Additionally, since Pomeranians are classified as a toy breed, they suffer health problems germane to smaller dogs. Luxating patellas and a collapsed trachea are two common problems in toy breeds. Pomeranians can also experience hypothyroidism. A reputable breeder will examine stock for prevalence of hereditary conditions and will only breed them when healthy and disease-free.

Because of their willingness to please, Pomeranians respond well to obedience training. Incredibly devoted, Pomeranians make excellent watch dogs committed to defending their owners and families. Pomeranians are also known to possess the attitude of much larger dogs, approaching canines without fear. Because they are easily trained, Pomeranians are employed as therapy dogs and hearing assistance dogs. They also perform well in search and rescue scenarios. Due to their small size, Pomeranians can assist law enforcement and search parties by reaching areas that are too small to accommodate people.

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  1. I love reading pet's article and I happen to love this one. Most people are preferring Pomeranian Dogs instead of PitBull, Doberman etc as a guard dog. The most probable reason could be the right combination of alertness and playfulness that all the children love to pet Pomeranians.

    Perrie Jinnie
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