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 To submit an application to adopt Dollar, 

I can’t say enough about how sweet and loving he is!  He is super gentle even when taking treats from your hand.  I think he is the quietest, most outgoing and gentle Pom I have ever had in my home, even more than my own dogs.  He would make an excellent therapy dog.
Dollar is estimated to be about 5 years old. He is in excellent health and our vet thought he was half that age. He is on the large side, at 13 pounds, but has a beautiful red coat and a “foxy” face. He came to us with a version of a lion cut, but it is growing out, so don’t hold that against him.
We picked him up on September 9 as an owner surrender and he’s been in our home since.  The family he came from decided that the kids were older and they no longer wanted a dog. 
He is definitely a people person. When I let all the dogs out for a potty break (3 Poms and a MinPin/Chi), when they come back in, everyone tears right past me, except Dollar.  Dollar always stops, stands up and says “Hi” before he follows the others.
When we took him to the farmers market he had to say hi to every dog and half the people he saw.  If someone was sitting down, he stood up and nuzzled them to get pats.

Our home is not extremely active. He has been content playing fetch with in the house, but for the long term, I think he needs more activity. I think he would do very well with a family with kids to play with or a couple that likes take walks. I think he’d be okay with every other day walks/exercise and on the off days a little indoor playtime should be ample for his exercise needs.
He will give kisses, but you have to ask and he only gives one or two.  He shows affection by leaning in to you or nestling his head almost under you then sinking down for a snuggle.  He does not lick very much (which my husband and I consider a plus). 
He is also very quiet. He barks briefly when we come home or when the doorbell rings (and of course when the mailman drops the mail in the box). We live on a busy street and he doesn’t bark at the outside world.
We are gone to work for about 9.5 hours and have left him lose in the house with our 3 dogs. He has not had a problem holding it most of the time. We do keep a washable puppy pad out for emergencies.
He has been neutered, had a dental (no missing teeth, they are gorgeous!), a checkup (he is heartworm negative) and all his shots updated.  His adoption fee is $250.00

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